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Friday, September 23rd, 2022 1:10 AM



Hi. I have a plan that includes flex but I would like to have just the internet and remove flex all together. Is there a possible way to do that? I don’t have the equipment yet so I won’t have to rerun anything 


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9 months ago

Hello @user_cd616b thanks for using our Forums as a tool to get help from our team. We are happy to assist you with making the changes you are looking to make with your Flex service. In order to get started, can you please send me a private message to Xfinity Support with your full name and full address by clicking the chat icon in the top right?

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8 months ago

I initially believed that I didn't need the Flex box, and I stored it in my closet for months.

However, I recently decided to "try it again" and was AMAZED to see that every app stream I use, (YouTubeTV ESPN+, YouTube, HBO Max, Peacock) is delivered to my screen in 4K ! 

I was thrilled to see this, then I was mad at myself for having not done it sooner.



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7 months ago

Tbh, I have not been happy with Flex.  While the resolution is good, audio quality is poor going from Flex to ARC HDMI on a Nakamichi 7.1, particularly YouTube.  

The apps were easy to setup just the YouTube issue was a deal breaker.  For reference, audio was significantly lower than other apps and had to crank it drastically.  I noticed other sound issues but those paled in comparison.

Another issue I had is that the app Kanopy wasn't available which is one I use from time to time. Kanopy is a great app which you can gain access to thru the library, fyi.  They do a lot of art house and hard to find films as well as another option for new releases which isn't widely advertised.

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