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Thursday, August 24th, 2023 7:19 PM


Charged after being unable to return Flex

I closed my Xfinity account and went to the "returns" cite to begin the process of returning my Xfinity Flex.  When I signed in and accessed the page, I was prompted to "Select the devices you'd like to return."  But no devices were listed and I had no buttons to click besides "Cancel" or "Continue" (which, if I click it, prompts me in red to select a device) -- I have a screenshot that shows this. There were also no devices listed to me in my Device Management page.  Unable to take further action, it seemed my device wasn't an issue. Today, I received a bill for the device, in addition to my early cancellation fee.  Considering I was unable to begin the process to return the device in the first place, I think it's absurd that I'm being charged for it -- especially when the returns page wasn't able to show that the Flex existed.  I would appreciate any help to get this Flex returned, since I did, in good faith, attempt to do so. 

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Hello @user_704766 it is not good to hear about the issues you were running into with returning equipment. Any time you use equipment from us and cancel the service associated with it, you would be required to return this to us unless it was something you purchased (like Xfinity Home equipment for example). Initiating the return via the website is the easiest and fastest way to process the return by printing out the return label that is generated. However, since that is not working for you, two alternate options would be to take the equipment to an Xfinity store location or a UPS store to process the return free of charge. Once your equipment has been received and the return is processed, you will automatically receive a full credit to cover the cost of any unreturned equipment charges you're seeing. Please let us know of these alternate options help!


How To Return Your Xfinity Equipment  | Xfinity Store Locator | Find a UPS Store near you 

[Edit: updated UPS link]


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