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Fri, Oct 8, 2021 6:51 PM

asian language doesn’t display on youtube

I am watching some Korean channels on YouTube by Flex and found out Koreans doesn’t display at all. There are bunch of squares with X mark instead of Korean letters. 

It is pretty annoying and frustrated. I haven’t see this type of issue on others streaming boxes. 

Also, Flex’s Netflix app doesn’t support any asian language as well. Please let me know how To fix it. 


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6 d ago

Hi, @user_6d1886. I checked my references and the closed captioning originates from Youtube. If there is a conflict with the app on Flex only, especially only on certain videos you will want to contact Youtube which in turn will have them work with us on it. Here is our page with information on Youtube which includes the link to the Youtube feedback page. https://comca.st/3FEUDPK


If you attempt to view content via the YouTube app and receive an error that does not begin with APPS, RDK or XRE, it is likely a third-party error specific to YouTube. Please visit https://comca.st/3mE9jWK or https://comca.st/3mGIf9r for additional support.

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