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Worst Experience Ever

I reached out to Xfinity back in September in an attempt to lower the bill for my services. I was told I could save money on my bill by taking advantage of an “On Us” promotion to get a free phone and service. I received the phone and a bill for the line and the device a month later. When I called to inquire why I received a bill, I was told the agent misinformed me and told me the promotion was only valid if you ported a line from another carrier and not signed up on a new line as I had done. Note: I have two perfectly working lines with another carrier. Why on earth would I sign up for a new phone unless I was incentivized? I then figured we would continue to use the phone as my husband’s work phone regardless of the misinformation, but we have only paid two payments on the device and the screen has stopped working. I have been to the brick and mortar store twice and was told there was nothing they could do to fix it as the device is unprotected. Again, why would I have purchased insurance on the phone if it was free from the get-go? I finally decided to cancel my Xfinity Mobile service and return the device as it is completely useless. I was told the line had been cancelled and that I would receive a return label within 24-48 hours… yet I have still not received confirmation in writing that the phone line has been cancelled nor have I received a return label. I keep being told to wait for the label to hit my e-mail. I’m very familiar with the process it takes to have a return label created yet nobody can seem to generate one for me either in-store or on the phone. I have been promised that the line has been cancelled and that I will receive my money back for the phone, but here I am going in circles.

TLDR: Xfinity Mobile service is the worst thing in the world [Edited: "Solicitation"].

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Hi there! Our awesome digital care team would be happy to assist you. Can you initiate a direct message and start with your full name and address? To start a direct message, you must be signed in. Please click the "Direct Messaging" icon in the top right of the page next to the bell, and send your message to "Xfinity Support". Talk to you there!


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