Wednesday, July 10th, 2024 9:06 PM

I Ordered I Phone 15 Pro Max from Xfinity But Received An Empty Package From FEDEX.

As the title says it all, I ordered a brand new IPhone 15 Pro Max from Xfinity on July 7, 2024. I was so excited, kept checking the Fedex tracking. On July 10, finally the fedex delivered. 

As I signed and headed to my room to open it, I found out the box tape was already open. I thought it was some mistake at first. But then I opened the package and lifted the box it felt very light. My heart started pounding faster. 

When, I finally opened the box, it was empty with just a charger and a receipt. My happiness was crushed and my heart shattered.

I went outside to look for the Fedex driver, it was too late.

As of this writing, I've tried everything from contacting Fedex, Xfinity and including a police report. 

I went to the Xfinity store, and on the way I saw a Fedex truck. I quickly pulled over and explained the situation. She contacted her manager on spot and I was told to file a claim. 

I reached the store, the guy said they couldn't do anything about it. Instead made me call 611 and file a claim there.

I called 611, which is Xfinity customer support line, and the representative said he opened a case regarding this situation. Also he mentioned, I would get an email within two to three business days asking for any details, photos for tampered box and police report. 

I filed a police report with local authority as well. Now I'm waiting for the email to pop up. 

However, reading other testimony here on this forum, people waited more than three weeks just to get a response. 

IDK what to do right now, I'm so frustrated.

I just want my phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I'm never ordering anything online, ever again. Hope some of you read this before you order!

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12 days ago

The case was handled perfectly by Xfinity. Thankyou for the support and quick action regarding this matter. They issued a refund in my account after approving the claim for which I sent Police report and Photos. 

Please have patience if you ever encounter this problem!


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Glad everything good now. Is there everything else I can help you with this evening?

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