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Mon, Mar 28, 2022 7:49 PM

Home Security lost communication with touchscreen power adaptor

The touchscreen with our Home security beeps and states on the screen " We've lost communication with you Touchscreen Power Adaptor". It is plugged into working electrical box and I have rebooted it.  The issue may have started after the power adaptor was upgraded.

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Thanks for taking the time to bring this to our attention. We don't want you to have any trouble with your security. We'd love to further investigate this issue together. Would you be willing to send us a private message with your full name and address?


To send a "Peer to peer" ("Private") message:

Click "Sign in" if necessary

-Click the "Peer to peer chat" icon

-Click the "New message" (pencil and paper) icon

-Type "Xfinity Support" in the "To:" line and select "Xfinity Support" from the drop-down list that appears, and the "Xfinity Support" graphic will replace the "To:" line

-Type your message in the text area near the bottom of the window

-Press Enter to send it




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Would be nice if this was just explained rather than make it a chat. It seems like it’s a common issue. Please post steps to fix. 



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@user_fa1a30​  The fix required a new touch screen.  A technician for Xfinity/Comcast did this repair.




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another common issue with those retro fitted power adapters is that they drop cellular service constantly. Not stable at all. Goes from 5 bars of service to 0 bars then will swing back like 10-15 minutes later to 4-5 bars of service. No one knows it does this unless you’re in the WiFi/Cellular connectivity screen or have tier 3 on the phone and they’ll tell you same thing. I waited 5 months for that cord, and got frustrated to the point I just got a 400 series tablet to not worry about it anymore. 




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I had to have the very old touchscreen replaced as it froze. I was given the next level up touchscreen which was used. It took the tech two hours to get everything right then five minutes after he left it started beeping, lost connection to the power adapter. So it had no cellular for a power failure.  That went on for two days. Tech came out and said he’s not sure why it’s happening since the SIM card is inside the touchscreen accessing it from the back.  Tech ended up replacing with a different touchscreen and it took him very little time at all to switch it over.  I had good WiFi and cellular, still had the error when he left, but the error cleared out after about 30 minutes.  

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