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Cancel Xfinity Home

When I cancel Xfinity Home, do I need a tech on-site to do anything via my internet gateway? I'll still have internet and mobile. I own the touch screen, but am on number 14 of a 24-month installment plan for the cameras, sensors, ect

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Thanks for reaching out to us and regarding your concerns with making changes to your account I'm glad we were able to accommodate you today and thank you for being the best part of Xfinity please enjoy the rest of your day

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Thank you for reaching out to our team here @user_hxiw2q. There would not be any technician needed to remove any equipment, or make any changes on your gateway. That service would be removed and disabled on our end. 

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Hey! Thank you for your response. I’ve decided to keep Xfinity home and I was trying to add the 24/7 video recording but it’s not letting me. Please?

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Thank you so much for the response @user_hxiw2q thank you so much for using our Forums and reaching out to our team. Please send us a DM and we are happy to see how we can help you with your home concerns.

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