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Wednesday, February 1st, 2023 12:12 AM


Xfinity/target scam

Yes, I fell for it! $330 lighter as of today. I finally got through a live Xfinity agent and I explained her my problem she said she ll put me through to the it department (I was unable to get in my account as well after the fraud happened) and she just dropped the call. I am saying she did it because she never called back.

I totally believe what others voiced in their comments, this must be an Xfinity inside job, probably from the overseas department. 

The scammers knew everything about my account, email associated with it, how much I paid every month, the package I had, Everything. Also, their voicemail sounded exactly like the Xfinity one. As a 10 years customer I feel very unprotected now and disrespected by Xfinity. Coming here I see Xfinity is well aware of this scam for months, but I did not receive one single text letting me know about it, to be on the lookout. I am not tech/internet savvy, and I fell for it.and now, being on a fixed budget, I ll have to cancel/downgrade my services to make up for the $330 lost. I believe Xfinity and target share some guilt in this. Target is taking advantage of this scam since their gift cards are selling, and Xfinity is not losing anything since they do not reimburse/prorate the losses for their loyal customers, even if they knowingly let them be defrauded again and again.

The greed and the carelessness both companies show is outrageous. I will report both companies and the scam and I hope a class suit action will follow. I am extremely disappointed and this is when I couldn't believe Xfinity can get any lower. I pay $115/month for good internet, that is at best running at 50% of what s advertised, but since they are a monopoly in the area I did not have many recourses. 

It is disheartening how powerless the customers are whenever we deal w Xfinity.

No help and awful customer support. That lady, hearing I just lost $330, and after an hour long call, she just dropped me and did not call back. 

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8 months ago


If you have gotten a call claiming to be from Comcast asking you to buy gift cards or paying upfront for six months or more in exchange for 50% off your bill the FTC is well aware of this scam.  If you get a call like this you can report it to:
Please help to stop the spread of this kind of fraud.



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Hi! Xfinity did send an email on 11/1 nothing they never ask for payment via gift cards. Check your email address. Subject line: "Here’s how you can stay safe and secure online"

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