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Transfer of Service

Hey Tom,

Your system needs revamping! Here’s my complaint.

Hi Tom,
 Have you ever tried to access help from Comcast? I’ve been a loyal customer but can’t transfer service . It’s been so frustrating. I think you could learn from my experience. I like Comcast products but cannot understand why the transfer of service is so difficult, if not impossible. If Comcast didn’t have a near monopoly I would go elsewhere.  I plan to bring up this near monopoly with the feds. I’ve been there before and now that I am Retired I have the time to address it appropriately. 


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Hello, @user_pv1lxl! Thank you for leaving a comment with your concerns on this user's post. We've converted your reply to its own post in order for our Digital Care Team to properly address your questions and concerns as quickly as we can. I'm sorry to hear about the trouble you've had with transferring your service. May I ask what method(s) you've used so far in an attempt to transfer services? A great place to start is our moving link, here. Please let me know if this helps! And if you need our assistance, we're happy to look into things further for you :)

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