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Sun, Jul 26, 2020 3:00 PM

Technician didn't show for appointment, impossible to get and of someone by phone or chat

As the title suggests, I had an appointment scheduled today and the technician was a no call/no show.
After sitting on hold for an hour Friday just to be told to schedule a call back (which also never happened) I struggled to get through to a rep through chat for ~2hrs and finally got my appointment set up. Now I can't get ahold of anyone.

For over a month now my connection has been spotty at best. My modem (new modem by the way) frequently resets, multiple times a day and now I'm experiencing packet loss ranging from 1-8% throughout the day as well. I still work from home several times a week and this has been making things incredibly difficult to deal with.

I'm not comfortable paying for service that I've hardly been able to rely on, and then to have customer service and the technicians made wholly unavailable on top of it. I realize the reps are doing everything they can with the limited number of people working right now, but the tech not showing up is where I draw the line.

Can anyone help me actually get a competent, reliable tech visit?




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1 m ago

Xfinity customer service is the worst! I needed my line reconnected and couldn’t get anywhere through there foreign customer service so I went to the xfinity store near me. They convinced me to change cellular service and promised a technician within 24 hours. 5 days later and 3 appointments that weee no show/no call and I still have no internet in my home.  Do they care? I guess not.

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