Friday, May 17th, 2024 12:52 AM

Still haven't received equipment for Internet Essentials

This is my second time posting and I still have not received my package with the equipment I need for my internet plan. It was supposed to be delivered on May 3rd this year and it is now May 16th. I checked the tracking, and it has been stuck on delayed since May 2nd. There have been no updates from FedEx and I have no more interest in getting through to their customer support. I need to know whether or not it will actually get delivered or not because my bill is set to autopay on May 26th and I have yet to even be able to use the internet I bought.

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Hello, @user_1q9x35 Thank you for reaching back out. I'm sorry to hear that this is still unresolved. You don't have to go anywhere else. Our team can take care of everything here.


Unfortunately, we cannot get you any additional updates on where the delivery is located or if it will actually be delivered. Only FedEx can tell you that. Instead, I would love to ship you a new gateway so that you can get your service set up. You can also pick it up in store. Additionally, we will credit you from your start date to your activation date once we confirm activation. Please, send us a new DM with your name and address so we can get working on this.

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