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Mon, May 2, 2022 12:22 AM

Service Restoration

Hello All,

For the past year I’ve been overcharged for a modem that I’ve returned when I upgraded my xfinity internet package. I’ve been calling and speaking tho agents about this for the entire time with promises of resolutions (nothings changed to date 5/1/22). Which unfortunately caused my bill to become extremely high and unaffordable given the loss of my job during covid and trying to regain stability while supporting a three and 1 year old. I managed to scraped up what I had and get the full balance paid off (251) and have been promised service restoration three times and my service still isn’t restored.i can’t speak to a agent anymore because I have to “pay my balance” which I have and it tells me I have outage however it’s only at my address I spoke to agent today by calling through from another customers account and the agent promised restoration within the hour and my service isn’t on that was 6 hours ago but I recover a call and voicemail about purchasing phone service through xfinity. I’ve never received a credit for my overpayment and explanation for why I e been over charged for a year plus and now I can’t even get in contact with anyone when I sacrificed and paid $250 to have the service restored so my family can enjoy the comfort of our home is there anyone that can help! 

Thanks in Advance 

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Hey @AndruH, Thank yo for reaching out to Xfinity Support on our forums. We apologize you are having troubles getting help with getting the account restored and your billing concern addressed. I can certainly help with both. Can you send us a direct message so I can help?

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