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Wed, Sep 16, 2020 11:00 AM

Re: New Construction - Need Internet Installation - Current Ticket Ignored for 3 Weeks - Help!!!

I'm going through this now.  Sometimes I get people on the phone that tell me it's no problem.  I didn't get a call back for two weeks.  I finally got someone this morning who promised to call back in 30 minutes.  That was at 10 AM.  The worst part is that I've been forwarded to the wrong department 8 times today.   Many service people tell me contradictory things but it is clear they are less experienced.  In any event, I hope they figure it out and you are able to stay sane. 


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1 y ago

Hi @Ebne, were you given a ticket number? 


Can you please Private Message me with your address, and I'll take a look at your request for you?




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