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Promotion or cancelling-would I be able to keep my email address?

I keep being told by live agents to check back for any promotions as my bill about to jump $30. This takes about 25 minutes of time daily by the time I get past the automated xfinity assistent to speak a live agent. Customer retention even harder to access. Live agents telling me to downgrade my services in order to keep my bill about the same. I understand existing customers are never treated the way new customers are, and Im eyeing Ziply and Verizon.. but need to ask if I csn keep my comcast email address? 

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19 days ago

@user_keu35a Hello there, and thank you for being a part of Xfinity for so long. I understand the need to make changes in providers and keeping services with an afforable budget. I don't want to see you go to another provider, but if that does happen the answer is yes, you can keep your comcast.net email address. There are some log in requirements for keeping and maintaining access to your comcast.net email address, but as long as you follow them the email address will remain active. You can find the specifics for maintaining the account here

I know you have worked with other agents, and it doesn't seem like we have an option available to keep the same services at an afforable rate, but if you would like one more check before making a change let me know, and I will take care of that for us. 

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Thank you, XfinityPaula. That's good to know about being able to retain my email. 

I've got a few more days before I need to decide. If I leave and get set up with another provider for 3 months and decide I want to come back, then I'd qualify as a new customer again, right? That seems like a strategic move and a way to save money. Do a lot of people do this? 

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@user_keu35a It's certainly a strategy that I've seen and heard about from friends. New customer deals are sometimes the only options available in some areas. I know people that have left for a 12-month promotion with another company to come back when that's over. It seems like a lot of work to switch back and forth every year, but that's how they work things. Sometimes we have offers available, and retention agents typically have the best options, but again it can be limited. I wish there was more we could do for our existing and long time loyal customers. I would be happy to look everything over on this side to make sure there is nothing new that has become avaiable. Deals can change daily. If you want me to check it out for us, please send us a direct message with your name and service address. 

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