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Monday, January 30th, 2023 2:52 AM

poor customer service

​ Ok let's try this again I have already done this once and IDK what happened, long story short I've been back and forth with this company for the last two weeks everday, prior to that I set up internet essentials through my ACP benefit that I was approved for back before I signed up. The lady that set up my services was supposed to apply the benefit to my acount. Well they didn't and I've been being billed for it ever since, which is my first issue considering I've been a victim of identity theft in the past and am currently working with lexington lawfirm to clear my debt. So I've had another deliquent bill on my account which is super frustrating. While explaining my concern to the 100 of customer service chat agents and customer representatives I was told over and over they were getting it fixed and the account balance fixed. Which shoud of been $0 from the beginning. So all this last week I am told that for my troubles I am going to recieve a iphone 12 mini free of charge, with the taxes and one-time fee credited on my account soon as my balance is at a zero-dollar balance. Well, I was being lied to, yesterday they told me to call today to get the phone ordered. Now mind you tonight when I finally spoke to someone from comcast that actually showed on my phone as comcast, she informed me that I only had two notes on my account and 2 records even indicating that I have called in. I've spent hours upon hours on the phone and chat with this company and there are only two records of it. which leads me to believe they were fake customer service agents, or they were doing a awful job at their job. Now tonight the lady finally told me I was being charged wrong for my internet and that had to be fixed before we could order the phone which I can get but I do not have the one-time fee in my bank account to pay it, I won't have it until next week, when the promotion is over. So, I wasn't even being given the phone because of the awful service it's a promo. Tonight, before I spoke to the only lady that knew what she was doing the customer service agent before her thought she put me on hold but she did not and I got to hear them making fun of me, than hung up on me. It took me 5 calls and 4 chats to get a actual person who really worked for this company on the phone. I will be calling the FCC, the BBB and a lawyer in the morning and instead of paying the $42 one time fee this company is going to be paying a lot more than a free iPhone and fee. This is not how people are to be treated plus either they aren't doing their jobs or your calls and chats are being hacked by some serious hackers. So if this company doesn't want to be sued, and I mean I will press the issue for as far and for as much money as I possibly can I would suggest getting back to me asap to discuss a solution. ​


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2 months ago

Thanks for reaching out, I'm here to help! It sounds like you're having some concerns about an Xfinity Mobile promotion. Unfortunately, I can't access the Xfinity Mobile promotions, view mobile accounts, or issue phones. I would highly encourage you to reach out to them directly in regards to the phone. would you like their number? 

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