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Fri, Aug 21, 2020 1:00 PM

Phone Scam

Received a phone call from a person indicating they were part of Comcast.  Wanted to do some cable box upgrade and asked to turn on cable boxes (which were on already anyway).  They wanted to do this because of Covid-19 and couldn't send a tech out to perform this service.  This led to being asked what my monthly bill is--- I said that something the caller should be able to see.  This met with an explanation that they were from "subscriptions" and not "billing" and they couldn't see that information.  I asked what my Comcast account number is.  Same answer-- they couldn't "see it", so I hung up.

I see others have reported this scam, as well.  




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3 d ago

I got one today too!!! Heavy Indian accent. He first asked who my provider was. I hung up. What purpose does the DO NOT CALL list serve?

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