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Tue, Sep 21, 2021 11:45 PM

Pathetic Job Tree Trimming

Hello, not sure if Comcast uses employees or contractors for their tree trimming jobs, but the job that the "Comcast" team performed today was absolutely lacking professionalism and any care for the customers' property. First of all, forgetting that the team that came out didn't have the common courtesy of letting the home owners (myself or our neighbor) know they they will be working in our backyards, they simply began hacking away... It could have been anyone in our backyards. We could have/ should have called the police... Next, the job that they did literally looked like they used one hand to cover their eyes and the other to swing wildly at whatever they were trying to cut down... The final straw was the fact they left debris all over our yards. They could have at least restored the yard the way they found it. I simply don't understand... Comcast doesn't want it's customers giving partial payments to our monthly bills, I would hope that your leadership would address a team member that did a [Edited: "Language"]  job on our home.... It is not right that a company can treat its customers this way. I have tolerated the extended outages, and the exorbitantly high cable bills, but I draw the line here. I understand that it was not their job to completely clear the area of tree limbs, but they can at least "act" like they care about our homes and do a reasonably professional job. 

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Hello @Ree2002 thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to contact our Xfinity Support Team. I am sorry to hear about the job that was done at your home and we would love to see how we are able to help. We want to provide you with the best experience and we appreciate the opportunity to make this right. To get started please select the "peer to peer chat" icon (upper right corner of this page), click the "new message" icon, type/select "Xfinity Support", and then type/send your name with your address.

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