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Frequent internet connection disruptions/drops

Over the last couple years I've had to call on support a multiple times. Every time has been the same issue, it starts with the internet dropping from time to time and then the frequency increases over time until its several times a day, every single day and a tech finally comes out. Each time the tech comes out, everything inside is just fine. They go outside check SOMETHING outside its never very clear, state they changed some stuff outside as the old connectors, or whatever they were, had become worn. Changed something with my signal strength and that the issues should go away and they do, until the next time.

Each time i have to go through this its hours of going in circles with the Xfinity self help options just trying to get a technician scheduled. Then once the appointment is set it gets automatically cancelled for some reason or another and I have to do it AGAIN this process usually takes a couple weeks. 

Please, help me, Im so tired of this. I work two jobs, one of them is from home and my internet connectivity is very important to me. 

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Hey there, @Munzo! Thanks for creating a post about your service concerns. I'm sorry to hear about the trouble you've been having, and I would love to help however I can! Before we dive into any remote troubleshooting or scheduling a Trouble Call (tech visit), have you recently reviewed these Connection Troubleshooting Tips? If not, I find this to be a great place to start. Knowing how important connectivity is, we definitely want to see if you can resolve anything on your end as quickly as possible, saving you time. However, if you look that over and try any steps that you haven't yet tried and still have some concerns, just let us know! Our Digital Care Team is here to support you and your household however we can :)

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After pouring over the Connection Troubleshooting Tips link you have provided the only notable variance in everything is related to Codewords in which my gateway is showing a large amount of Uncorrectable Codewords. This is after having just factory reset my gateway and restarting everything. How relative this is to my situation is unclear to me but it's the only thing I've noticed. I have, today alone, had 7 interruptions to my internet connection across all devices on my network. Its just after 1130. 

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@Munzo - Thank you for taking the time to look through and try what you can! We might have to take a closer look on our end, which I'm happy to do :) Could you please send our team a direct message to get started?


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Concern moved here to the Customer Service help section for greater exposure to Comcast corporate employees (The Digital Care Team) for assistance.

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