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Escalation for Technical Support

We are a dual career family working from home and having a reliable internet connection is a must for my household to earn our income. I’ve been through incompetent customer support calls who run by the “restart your modem” script. They even put a ghost technician appointment on my account that keeps getting rescheduled daily. I restarted my router 10 times and reset it 3 times. I’m subscribed to the 1200 Mb package and I’m getting no more than 30 Mb if I get a connection. Also TV services are not working. I need to talk with someone from technical support who are competent and can get my services to work.

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14 days ago

@oeramadan Thank you for reaching out on the Xfinity Community Forums. We are happy to assist you. I have also received your direct message. Please note that sending unsolicited direct messages to an Official Employee of the Xfinity Help & Support Forums is a violation of our Forum Guidelines. You must first create a public post requesting assistance and, once a Comcast verified employee responds and asks for a private message to be sent, you can then proceed with doing so.

I will be responding to your direct message momentarily. Thank you for reaching out. 

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