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Wednesday, September 27th, 2023 1:04 PM


I have had a ticket started to have the service line extended to my new property.  Things were going smoothly until I received my estimate of almost $6,000 and asked for a cost breakdown.  Fast forward over 2 weeks later, I'm still waiting for the construction team to contact me.  I have volunteered to do the trench work myself to lower the cost.  I am actively checking in with the chat service so that I CAN GIVE XFINITY MONEY.  Why is this such a redundant process???  What company in the 21st century doesn't have a direct line to call and speak with someone about construction issues?  I have been getting the runaround for weeks on this and I would like something to be done to resolve this in a timely manner.  I am under a deadline with my house closing in less than a month and I NEED INTERNET SERVICE TO WORK FROM HOME.  I am almost to the point of filing a complaint with the FCC.

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2 months ago

Hi there. We have already replied to your private message. Please continue the conversation there. Thank you. 



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2 months ago

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@user_13a907 if you have started a conversation in direct message, please continue it there.  If not, please send a direct message using the following:

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