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Fri, Jul 23, 2021 5:07 PM

Construction team

my address is [Edited: "Personal Information"]...I have been waiting on service sent mar 31..... this is been extremely frustrating....the cable have been placed in the ground...I live in a townhouse community...my next door neighbor has service as well as two other homes in on my street.  someone forgot to close or complete the ticket stated that my home is ready for a tech.   One of your workers was out yesterday (22jul) and ask if he would complete my home and he told me that my home is complete as far as cable in the ground.   Every time I call or visit store they tell me a tech cannot be dispatched to my home because the ticket is not closed out ( [Edited: "Personal Information"]).   I cannot get anyone to contact or give my access to the construction department to get them to close out ticket or let xfinity know that my home is ready for service... [Edited: "Personal Information"] both have service...PLEASE HELP [Edited: "Personal Information"]


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2 m ago

Hi, @user_83b113! Thanks for taking the time out of your Friday to knock on our virtual door, here, at our Forums page. We are honored by your interest in becoming a new member of the XFINITY family. I am sorry to learn about this frustrating experience with getting your location service ready in a timely manner. This is definitely not the experience that we like to hear about. We are the perfect team to help and will certainly get this resolved as quickly as possible. For future reference, please do not share your personal info publicly for security purposes. To further assist, would you mind sending us a private message with your first/last name and full address by clicking the chat icon located in the top right corner on your forums page when signed in. Once there, you can search for "Xfinity Support" to compose your direct message.

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