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Saturday, February 22nd, 2020 11:00 PM


Xfinity tv provider login page not loading for ESPN on Fire TV/Stick

While trying to sign into the ESPN app on my Fire tv, after clicking on the xfinity icon, the webpage begins to load then freezes, eventually timing out and showing and error. Every other tv provider’s login page loads up immediately, but not xfinity. And it only seems to be on my amazon fire products (I also have a Roku and no issues there.) Any reason for this?

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3 years ago

You probably have fixed the issue by now, but I too own a Roku and don't have issues authenticating into programming I already pay for on Xfinity. This issue of authentication lies with Fire TV and Xfinity both because they use  a different  handshaking method which caused thing not to log in,   I spent an entire day plus 4 hours the next day figuring this out and I think I found the culprit.  First make sure you can log into your Xfinity Account where you manage your bills with you Phone number, Username, and full email address.  Second, make sure you can sign into you Xfinity Stream app on your phone with your Username, phone number, and full email.  Next, when signing into your Xfinity Service and your Stream app, make sure you use the same sign in method for all your Xfinity related accounts to avoid issues. You may need to remove your mobile phone number and add it back and re verify it. Once you do that try signing in with only your phone number and password for all things Xfinity. Go to you firestick and do the same thing using only your phone number and password. You may need to reset your password, but you may not. When I removed my phone number added back and re-verified it, that seemed to do the trick and I was able to log into every paid application on my firestick CNN, PBS, NBC, SYFY, A&E, AMC etc etfc. So I want this shared to everyone because neither Comcast or Amazon will provide a viable solution.

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