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Xfinity rewards platinum peacock activation not working

Hi. Once I activate peacock from the Xfinity link and login to peacock it is still showing inky the paid subscription options on the tv as well as phone app. 

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13 days ago


user_uakngm Thank you so much for your post for help with the issues you are running into with your Peacock offer. This error is mostly due to the ID you are using to log in to the Peacock app after accepting your offer. After visiting https://customer.xfinity.com/activate-peacock, you were brought to the Peacock screen to confirm your login. The information entered there is what is needed. Peacock's email and password may not be the same as your Xfinity credentials. You could’ve used a third-party (non-Comcast) email address to sign up for Peacock. You may need to try multiple email addresses. I would also recommend logging out of Peacock on all devices until you confirm the correct Peacock ID. 


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I don’t know what that email/ID was for my account. I’ve tried previous emails to no avail. Is there a way for you to reset it or just use the corresponding id/email from my Xfinity account. I know that would make too much sense for your company but I thought I would try it as a suggestion. 

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