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Friday, September 23rd, 2022 8:57 AM


Xfinity recorded only one part of crossover event TV program

Last night the Law & Order series had a 3-part crossover event.

I scheduled part-1 (Law & Order: Organized Crime) to record as a one time program at 7:00pm.
I scheduled part-2  (Law & Order: SVU) to record as a one time program at  8:00pm.
Part -3 (Law & Order) is set to record all new episodes. It should have recorded at 9:00pm.

Only Part -1 got recorded.

Why did Xfinity delete the other 2 scheduled recordings? Especially part-3 which is set to record all new episodes, and it does show up to record next week. 

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1 year ago

If you want to limit recording to a specific channel, find that program in the guide itself. Choose record options, all recordings, then you can limit it to that channel instead of the default of HD Preferred. 

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