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Sat, Sep 4, 2021 6:08 PM

Xfinity NFL Network

I live in Portland, OR, and I want to watch the Los Angeles Chargers games starting September 12th, 2021. I could watch those games with AT&T's Sunday Ticket, which would require me to change out my current cable and internet service completely. Since I am out of network, is that possible by adding the Xfinity NFL Package? If not, are there other options other than Sunday Ticket? Thank you, DeAnn.

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2 m ago

Hello @user_2340e1. We do not offer the Sunday ticket but we do have the NFL Red Zone and the NFL channel. The NFL Red Zone shows you all the teams that are playing when they are in the red zone. I know a lot of people love this because you are always watching great action at tense moments! 

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