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Thu, Dec 12, 2019 9:00 AM

Why is ComCast trying to disguise "HITZ" as actual channels?

This may have been asked here before, and this post will probably be deleted by a retired Comcast employee, but here goes:


When Comcast ripped Cinemax out from under us and gave us their worthless HITZ "network", they apparently created channel entries in the program guide.  I see three of these pseudo channels on my selection that actually look like there is a movie in progress or coming up.


When you click on one of these pseudo channels, it's revealed that you have to use on-demand streaming to view whatever movie might have piqued your interest, though.  Kind of a bait and switch tactic to make us subscribers feel better about losing channels that we thought we were paying for.


Is this the future of comcast?  Will we only see a big menu of movies that are "now playing", but really just available if you go stream them?  If so, what's the value of cable movie channels?  

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1 y ago

Glad you mentioned it.  I just saw an old movie, The Net on Hitz I'd like to watch and you just cannot get it. 

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