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Thu, Jan 30, 2020 10:00 PM

What happened to Paramount?

Super unsatisfied so far. Wish I had never switched back to Comcast. If I hadn't had a security camera installed I think I would have cancelled immediately. First the salesmen lie about channels I will get with my package, then Paramount, which I had for almost a week and was recording shows from, now requires a subscription. How often does this happen that shows that were in your package suddenly aren't any more so that you have to cough up more money?


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1 y ago

If you're not already you might need to subscribe to Digital Preferred to get the channel.  That's the tier it's on here,  not sure if it's like that everywhere.

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9 m ago

It absolutely happened to me. I had the Starz channels with my contract, then they underwent contract negotiations the next year and it was taken off without my knowledge or consent. They were 'unable to add it back until contract negotiations were done.'  Even then, if it went up, then they probably were not going to add it back. They didn't. 1 year left of my contract and I can't cancel without a fee.


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9 m ago

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