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Wed, Dec 18, 2019 2:00 PM

We've added EPIX to your lineup.... Deceitful....

So I got an email with the body saying;


New. Binge-worthy.
No commercials.


Get four blockbuster channels with EPIX,
now part of your Xfinity package


With original series like Godfather of Harlem, Get Shorty,
and NFL: The Grind—plus thousands of hit
Hollywood movies and a vast catalog of On Demand
titles—you’ll keep coming back for more.





Just say “EPIX”



So I say EPIX into the remote only to be told I need a subscription. I waited a few days same thing.


So I contacted support via online chat and I was told this email is not true its NOT part of my lineup and they could add it for $5.99.


Is it me?? Or doesn't that email make it sound like its part of my PACKAGE and I can start watching buy saying EPYX?


2nd time in two weeks Comcast has not been truthful to me. I'm losing my patience.


- Derric


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1 y ago

? I got the same email. EPIX has been added to your package. When I tried to get it in, I got the message that I had to subscribe (pay more) I called Xfinity to ask what was wrong. There was so much feedback when I spoke to the agent I could not communicate, I had to have her call me back. There was stull very annoying feedback but at least I could understand. NO, EPIX was not REALLY added to my package. Thanks for nothing  for misleading me and wasting my time.

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1 y ago

Same here. Title of email was "We've added EPIX to your lineup", and the email says "Get four blockbuster channels with EPIX, now part of your Xfinity package".  When I contacted their chat I was told I could add it for $5.99 a month. When I asked what packages it WAS part of , I was told NONE, but it could added it for $5.99 a month. Very confusing and misleading. 


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1 y ago


I bet Comcast doesn't cover that in their lopsided contract.

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