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Mon, Dec 7, 2020 4:00 AM


I am very upset that you are canceling WCVB. I live in Massachusetts and I want Massachusetts news, NOT Rhode Island. I pay taxes here and should be afforded the same choices as the rest of the state. I am considering  canceling and getting an HD antenna or modem and steam the channels I want. There are many local programs I watch and you are taking that away at a time we are all stuck at home. Just because I live in Bristol County, I shouldn't be considered a Rhode Island resident!  
Please resolve this issue with WCVB for the sake of your customers, because the business you are going to lose won't be worth it!


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6 m ago

Couldn't agree more.   I live in Massachusetts NOT in Rhode Island.   I watch WCVB News for information that affects my wallet and my quality of life where I live - Bristol County Massachusetts.


The ABC channel that Comcast/Xfinity is forcing on its customers is barely a Tier 3/Class C operation.   There is no comparison between it and WCVB in the quality of pertinent, important information that Massachusetts citizens need to know on a daily basis.   For example, Governor Charlie Baker is speaking right this very minute about important Covid-19 Free Testing information.   That is news that I, as a Massachusetts resident needs to know.   


I pay $200.00 a month and I want the important/necessary high-quality news that WCVB provides for Massachusetts residents/taxpayers.


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