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Sun, May 10, 2020 7:00 AM


Transfer Acorn Subscription to Xfinity Account

I have an existing Acorn subscription that was purchased via the Acorn website. Is it possible to transfer my Acorn subscription to my Xfinity account?


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2 y ago

Is there a reason for that? Can you not use Acorn on Xfinity equipment? I think going through a 3rd party just causes more problems. Also, most of them impose a 'fee' on the network, so not all of your $$ goes to them.

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6 m ago

I believe the answer is no...

Here's what Acorn T.V. has to say:

Our apologies for the confusion. Acorn TV is available for Comcast Connect members as an add-on subscription, accessed through the Xfinity app store. The billing for this service is independent of Acorn TV and handled through Comcast. All of the shows are the same, but please note that the add-on subscription does not sync with the Acorn TV website or standalone apps. This means you will not be able to log in to or sync your watchlist on www.acorn.tv or the standalone apps for Roku, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Vew'd Smart TVs.

So Acorn T.V. is not handled like other services (Netflix, Prime, etc).  Xfinity makes you have two accounts.

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