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Tue, Nov 30, 2021 3:08 AM

TNT Frame jumps

Why do most movies I watch on TNT seem to skip frames every few seconds, making the movie jumpy and unwatchable?

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2 m ago

Hi, @Mark_G2 [Edited username to remove PII]! That sounds super frustrating. Is this happening specifically on TNT? Does it only happen with movies on TNT or do you notice the jumping during commercials too?



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2 m ago

It may depend on what you mean by "skip frames." Does the screen freeze, then suddenly jump ahead? Or is there just a sudden jump in both the video and audio (and if so, can you guess how much of the film was skipped in each jump)?

My first guess is, Turner does this to fit the film into the time slot without having to remove entire scenes, but there are less disruptive ways to do this.

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