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Tue, Nov 12, 2019 6:00 AM


I just noticed that here in NJ,  it has been replaced ( channel 250) with Court TV.  Is  THISTV  on another channel?  If not, why was it dropped and more importantly why weren't we notified of this? Will it be coming back (Ditto on the same question I asked 2 weeks ago on Decades TV, to which no one has responded. 

This  lack of communication has happened before, e.g. wtih Decades TV where channel 240 was replaced, with no advance warning.  Comcast  can at least put an explanation in the monthly bill, along with a prognosis for when some of these "subchannels" will be coming back (if ever) .  

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1 y ago

Comcast has a contract with the company that owns THIS and Court TV (among others). It’s their right to provide what goes on that channel, which they did. When change happens, it happens with no notice, it’s not Comcast initiating the change, so no billing notices are given. There’s no prognosis about the future, as that’s on the content provider.

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Decades, CourtTV, and ThisTV are all broadcast networks carried by a local TV station. Comcast's agreement typically just involves passing on what is carried by various subchannels, not what networks the subchannels actually are. Comcast doesn't always know ahead of time if a subchannel will be changing networks. In fact, you often see posts of people complaining the program guide still shows the old network for a few days.


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1 y ago

I still have Decades channel but Court TV replaced THIS TV in my area too.

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