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Fri, Jan 8, 2021 9:00 PM

STARZ on HULU not showing all shows, do you have them blocked?

Hulu through my comcast cable box doesn't show all the Starz channels it's suppose to have, it only shows I think 4. On my other tv, my phone, my wife's phone and other electronics it shows so many more Starz channels than what it shows through the comcast box, do you have certain channels blocked through hulu?


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5 m ago

Hulu and Starz (and maybe Xfinity too) likely have agreements in place as to what can be shown on Hulu. Question - why go through Hulu to access Starz? Don't they have on an Demand library (though also likely limited by their agreement with Xfinity)? Or a stand alone app you could use, through your TV or add on? 
I noticed similar issues with other providers and simply use each as a stand alone. It's a little more expensive, but fewer frustrations. 

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