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Friday, February 14th, 2020 11:00 AM


So what's the deal with Hitz still showing as live channels when it's an On Demand service?

We all know that Hitz is a horrible replacement for Cinemax - so much so that I actually downgraded my package so I could stop paying for the lack of Cinemax. I still get Hitz with my reduced plan though.


Hitz was supposed to be three LIVE TV channels that showed older movies, but it has NEVER been live TV. It has always been an On Demand-only service. So why does the channel guide still list them as three channels with rotating programming when whatever you select always takes you to the On Demand homescreen? If Comcast isn't going to make these into live channels, then remove them from the channel listings because they are just taking up space.

Just another example of Comcast's many recent programming changes that have really hurt its service offering. Others include

• moving MGM to a $10 sports package

• getting rid of Cinemax's live channels

• getting rid of STARZ live channels other than the main one (and we still don't get the app we pay for)

• getting rid of most of Encore's live channels, and we are about to lose Classic. Why can't they get rid of Western instead since there is already a Screenpix Western that was added.

• getting rid of the Plex channels: Indixplex, Retroplex, and we are about to lose Movieplex

• not having a replcement channel for METV, which the local affiliate recently switched to another network


The STARZ/Encore/Plex loss was the biggest loss for me. I was already paying for EPIX, which is fine, but not nearly as good as the STARZ family was. I have actually started to consider leaving Comcast TV so I can find a service that offers all of the STARZ family live channels again (and use the app).




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3 years ago

I just learned that I've lost access to Cinemax today - have been trying to record "Strike Back" season 8, and I see Cinemax in the on screen TV guide, can set recordings for the show, the DVR red light comes on when the recording starts, but nothing is actually recorded - it DOES block me from recording something else in that time slot though - what the heck? Why does Comcast let the DVR "record" something I don't have access to? Don't have the Xfinity DVR, still using the old 2 tuner DVR.  The Comcast website says Hitz is on channels 320-323, but those still show up as Cinemax - where the heck is Hitz? If it's on-demand only, I will never watch a single movie on Hitz because I only use the on screen TV guide to find shows/movies - and my bill actually went UP this year after losing Cinemax and Starz - what a ripoff!


Oh, and why did the way these forums work change? When you reply to a message it takes you to another screen where you can't see the thread or the post you're replying to - what stupidity! FIX THIS COMCAST.

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