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Tue, Mar 24, 2020 6:00 PM

Showtime Package

What other channels are included with the Showtime Package outside of Showtime?




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I called about an issue with my internet. After 5 calls I was finally able to reach a person that said he could assist. The rep was able to assist me with my internet issue. After he finished he advised he could save me $5 on my bill and I’d have the same level of TV service with a little faster internet speed. I agreed to the discount. Unfortunately I did not get the same level of service— one of the premium channels (Showtime) was no longer in the new package. When I called back about this issue (again took 4x’s of being hung up on after waiting on hold before speaking with someone) they told me the package I was in included Showtime and it was a grandfather package and I could I longer receive it since I’d changed out of the package. I politely explained that I was told I’d receive everything that I initially had, I’d just save $5. They continued saying once leaving a grandfathered package they’re unable to put it back. Long story short the customer received the bad end of the stick. I was told that I could add Showtime and pay for it @ $12 😟 This is awful. I was not previously getting any discounts and did not have any promotions— Comcast is receiving $230 a month from us. Of course I wanted to save $5 if I could but ultimately it ended up costing me a loss of channels. And the most unfortunate part is they REFUSE to honor my request to go back into the package I was previously in. As usual THEY WIN and the CUSTOMER LOSSES. 

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