Sunday, June 9th, 2024 3:02 AM

royals games

ho do i watch the kc royals on xfinity?

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1 month ago

I assume you live inside the Royals' "home market". In that case, the quick answer is, you watch the Royals on Xfinity the same way people in Detroit watch the Tigers, or Atlanta watch the Braves - you can't. There are a considerable number of posts here complaining about this; pretty much anything with "Bally" in the title is talking about this problem.

You - and everybody else complaining about this - may have to choose between Xfinity and, in your case, the Royals.

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Blame sports teams and leagues for chasing money rather than chasing fans. Watching sports, ANY SPORTS, is going to get MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE over the next few years. The time of RSN (Regional Sports Networks) and their flood of "free" money where 99% never watch, but are forced to pay for it, are gone. You will need multiple subscriptions (Amazon Prime, Venu , Peacock, Max, etc...) to watch anything.

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