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Sat, May 16, 2020 9:00 AM

Restart TV after temporary suspension

I just got back from overseas. My temporary suspension was suppose to restart on April 2nd, but due to the COVID situation I wasn't able to get back until yesterday. 
I been paying full price since April 2nd. 
I turn on the TV and all I'm getting is a transparent screen with 3 dots pulsating in the middle with a time bar at the bottom. 
I change the channel and get the same thing. After a minute or so I get a message that says "There seems to be a problem". I change the channel again and I get the same thing. If I let it set for awhile it goes to an advertising page, and weather icon.


 I've checked the cables and attempted a reset of the system and box but I get the same thing. 
the WiFi is working OK.


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