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Sat, Oct 26, 2019 11:00 PM

RemovingTCM, Outdoor Channel and other But No Discount

So you decided to remove channels because costs went up. Ok, so where is our discount? I am no longer receiving the channels that I signed up for, it's more than TCM, so I expect my service to be discounted. Comcast understands that many of the channels provided in a package aren't popular, but you're stuck with them to get the channels you do want - it's a way to force customers to subsidize the junk. Now you decide to move the channel to yet another package for another up charge. Don't suppose it ever occured to you that you could let people choose via ala carte and when you identify channels that people don't want, get rid of them and cut your overhead. Last comment - the US standard is HD, so stop charging people a technology fee. Time to look for alternatives and cut cable.

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