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Wed, Oct 28, 2020 11:00 PM

Removing more channels

I am paying for quality premium channels but they are getting replaced by substandard ones. It was bad enough to loose cinemax, then stars. Now even more channels are changing. I am going to look at streaming providers. For less cost I can get many of the lost channels back. I have been a comcast customer for many years. I was told old customers would be grandfathered in. That didn't happen. I will not keep paying premium prices for degrading tv channels. When my contract it up, I am gone. If I wanted to watch the same movies and programs over and over, I would have recorded them or saved them. Even HBO, which used to show good movies and series has deteriated. . They just move movies like Revolutionary Road around from week to week, replae it with some other repeated grade B movie, then return it in a couple of months. Poor customer service by HBO and especially comcast. 


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