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Fri, Sep 23, 2022 10:36 PM

Remote customization or shortcut possible w/ x15?!

I would probably care less if I could figure out whether I can customize my x15 voice remote buttons to just get to my dvr recordings instead of having to press numerous buttons (Xfinity button, navigate to “for you”, pick the right recording etc.). I am almost certain they’ve prioritized some counterintuitive marketing strategy at the expense of a remotely convenient interface for their customers — you’re forced to open the Xfinity splash page instead of having a separate “DVR” or “recordings” button/ability to create a custom shortcut. 

Assuming I’m not wrong and can create a shortcut, i have resorted to buying a third party remote. I’ve searched high and low to figure out what the best I can get is…want control Xfinity (cable) and *roku - I have a tcl roku tv*. Suggestions would be appreciated.

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3 months ago

Hi, @user_244c3c. I hope you are doing well. The full layout and functionally of the XR15, along with all other Voice remotes, can be found here: https://comca.st/3dILug0 The only button at this time that pertains to the DVR is the "red dot" record button which gives you the option to record what your currently watching. I understand, however, you want a shortcut to access your existing recorded content which is current not available.


You do have the path through the menu as you stated, but you can also use your voice commands. The voice commands would essentially be your shortcut in a way. You can read about all your voice command options here: https://comca.st/3r9xCyk The DVR control section there list the following


Control DVR functionality:

  • "Record"
  • "Record American Idol."
  • "What's on my DVR?"
  • "Go to my recordings."
  • "Fast Forward"
  • "Pause"


Let me know if that helps or if you have any more questions. 




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