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Tue, Jan 4, 2022 3:01 AM

Recurring NBA (and NHL and probably MLB) team recordings default to channel that is first in alphabetical order

Hi there,

I have NBA League Pass and have a recurring recording for the Milwaukee Bucks (proudly 17th out of 30 by alphabetical order!). I have been frustrated by the fact that most of the time, when a new live game is recorded, the recording is NOT on the dedicated Milwaukee Bucks channel, but on the opponents' broadcast. But sometimes, the Bucks are recorded on their channel as desired. And I made a realization: the only difference between these recordings is whether "MILLP", the shortened channel name for the Milwaukee Bucks NBA League Pass channel, comes before or after the shortened channel name for the opposing team. By that logic, I imagine that Atlanta Hawks fans might never notice that Xfinity does this, but poor Washington Wizards fans may be convinced that Xfinity is out to get them and doesn't want them to watch their own home broadcast.

There is no way to force Xfinity to only record one channel. There is only "HD Preferred" or "SD Preferred", and so apparently when there is a duplicate live broadcast for the same team, Xfinity defaults to alphabetical sorting to decide which channel to select and not the team which has been "favorited" by the user. To be more precise, I imagine that the channel is selected numerically by which HD channel comes first in the list of channel numbers, but this is of course determined by alphabetical order in the first place. This channel selection method needs to be rectified immediately, but there should also be more options for which channels to record for a recurring recording.




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Hace 5 m

Something similar has happened to me in New England, not to the same extent as you, but annoying nonetheless.  I DVR the Bruins games, and the local NESN is 851.  If for some reason the game is on NESN and NHL Network (822) or another earlier than 850 channel, the DVR will broadcast the smaller channel number, and many times it is blacked out on the national channel to force you to watch the local channel.

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