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Thu, Sep 24, 2020 11:00 AM

Program Episode Error

I live in the Denver, CO area. The station KTVD (Xfinity Channel 5 or 657) has two episodes of The People's Court airing during the weekdays. The episode at 1:00 pm MT is an old (repeat) episode. The episode aired at 3:00 pm MT is the new episode. However, the Xfinity program guide shows the new episode details on both. This is messing up the recording of the new episode. It defaults to recording the episode at 1:00 pm MT and does not record the episode at 3:00 pm MT. I have the recording options set to record "New and Repeat" episodes, but that doesn't help.


I checked the TV schedule on the KTVD website ( and the details are correct: old episode at 1:00 pm and new episode at 3:00 pm. So, I believe the error is with Xfinity.


Can someone correct the program guide error or let me know how to get the DVR to record the correct episode?





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7 m ago

Setting "new and repeat" doesn't do any good if the listings say that it is the same episode. As long as you have the episode recorded and on your X1, it will not record it "again." This is one of the things I like with TiVo; it includes an option for "record everything, even if I get multiple copies."


There are a number of reasons for this; a couple are, (a) a lot of cable networks with the same feed nationwide (instead of an "eastern feed" and a "western feed") will show the same program twice, three or four hours apart, and (b) some network shows are repeated a few days later (America's Got Talent comes to mind).

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