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Tue, Jun 16, 2020 1:00 PM


Pixellation of HBO and Starz after Comcast outage in Madison, MS

On Sat. June 6, I woke up to a Comcast outage affecting 50-550 houses and a message that everything would be fixed by 1 PM that day. Sure enough,  the outage was fixed on all but my HBO and Starz channels. Since that time,  they have been severely pixellated/unwatchable on and off sometimes for minutes or hours with no discernible pattern. 


I have spent several hours on the phone with support trying to get this fixed. I would call, set up for a service call and by the time the tech was set to arrive,  it had started working again.  When I talked to the tech on Friday, he said Comcast was aware that the outage had caused a problem, but it was working again last weekend with only a few instances of pixellation. Today is Tuesday and the pixellation is back as bad as ever. Why can't this be fixed?  I'm on the verge of cancelling all my premium channels and getting them thru another source because I've grown so frustrated with it all.  I can't understand why this has taken 10 days and still is not corrected when the problem is on Comcast's end!


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