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Sat, May 16, 2020 11:00 AM

PBS Stations (ALL)

This from Oakland, CA:  A couple of days ago we lost ALL local PBS stations (9, kqed 22 kqec, etc).

All that shows is a garbled screen (with CBS logo at bottom, and occasional sounds, though mute is on).  Then a message saying (not exact quote) Try again later, there is a problem on OUR end.  Service technician (offshore) tried resets, disconnect cables, etc, then we lost internet connection w/ him.  A few months ago there were notices about certain Sony DVD receivers  (ours is a recent model Blu-Ray) causing problems due to channel changes, but we did not need to worry when these went into effect.  Now can't tune in ANY public tv stations.



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1 y ago

I think the problem is on their end - a number of stations recently had to change their over-the-air frequencies, and Comcast has to do something on its end to get the channels back.


Strange - I am in Solano County, and I get all of the PBS stations (KQED 9, KQEH 54 (actually, it's channel 10 here), and KCRB 22 - note "KQEC" hasn't been on the air since 1988 (its non-PBS station KMTP 32 now)).

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