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Paramount+ and Showtime?

I've had a Paramount+ streaming account, directly through Paramount, for a couple of years. I also have a Showtime account via Xfinity. I stream Xfinity through their app on my Roku connected to my TV. I also stream Paramount+ and Showtime via their respective apps on my phone, PC, and iPad. Both my Xfinity and Paramount accounts use my same email address. However…the Showtime Anytime app has been deprecated, so I can no longer stream Showtime on my phone, PC, and iPad. Instead…Paramount says I need to stream Showtime, which I already pay for via Xfinity, via their Paramount+ app. However…I don't have access to the Showtime content on the Paramount+ app. The Paramount+ app says I need to sign up (and pay for) Showtime. I've had multiple conversations with tech support at both Paramount and Showtime. Neither seems to know what's going on, and both are pointing fingers at the other. 😡

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11 days ago

Hello, @javas2. Thanks for reaching out. Paramount notified Comcast and others that they were shutting down SHOWTIME Anytime. This decision was made by SHOWTIME in its sole discretion. Please take a look at this article for more information: SHOWTIME Anytime no longer available


In the article it will explain how customers that subscribe to SHOWTIME through Xfinity can view content. 

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