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Wed, Sep 11, 2019 4:00 PM

Ongoing PPV Sporting Event Incorrectly Flagged as Concluded

Last night I tried to purchase a PPV sporting event.  It was on Channel 871 and it was the Soccer match between Brazil and Peru.  On the guide it said the event started at 8:30 pm MST.  I could also verify this start time online, the game itself beginning at 9:00 pm MST.  However, I could not purchase the event, getting an error indicating that the program was no longer available for purchase.  I called customer service at 8:45pm MST and was told that the event had concluded.  I told her this wasn't true, that I could see online that the game hadn't even started yet.  She continued in this manner and could do nothing to help me and would not provide me with any other resources, just insisting that the game was over and that I was mistaken (even though I could message family in Peru currently watching the pregame and getting ready for it to start).  I don't necessarily blame the agent, her system was giving her bad information and besides, the internal system had already flagged the event as over even if you could see it clearly in the Guide as ongoing.  


It's already too late for this event, the game is over and we missed what turned out to be a great game, but we are extremely frustrated about this and want someone in Xfinity to be aware of this issue so they can look into what happened and prevent this from occuring in the future.  

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