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Wed, Oct 30, 2019 1:00 PM

NBA League Pass HD

Been a Xfinity customer for years now, but still they are laggards on so many items - so frustrating.


1) Will all the games be available in HD? Instead of one? If not, when will this be available?


2) Will I be able to link my NBA.com to the League Pass that is ordered through xfinity (like AT&T, Cox, YouTube TV, and every other major provider)? If not, am I only going be able to watch it on my TV? Which is ridiculous, but is definitely expected from Comcast.


Anyone know?





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1 y ago

You probably found this out already, but the answer to #2, almost unbelievably, is "no." In past years I could talk to NBA support, show them proof of purchase from Comcast, and get the streaming activated. This year the best they'd give me is a one-time 60 day "trial," and after that, I'd be out of luck. Just had to cancel through Comcast and buy it through NBA instead. Agree that it's crazy how poorly Comcast continues to implement this product--only one recordable HD channel, now no access to games through the NBA app. It's not like this is some niche sports league or anything.


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1 y ago

@ andyj682
I was hoping to get a full year NBA League Pass digital access. I showed NBA League Pass support proof of purchase with my latest bill and they too said the max they could give me is “60 day trial” also. Unbelievable.

I just cancelled both NHL Center Ice and NBA League Pass through Comcast. I’m going to subscribe directly through both apps from this point forward. The only reason why I subscribed initially was because what Comcast did with MLB Extra Innings allowing access to MLB.TV this past season. That was cool. But with the lack of HD channels and ties with the streaming portions of NHL and NBA. I would rather go directly to NBA and NHL.

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