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Sun, Jan 10, 2021 3:00 PM

Nba league pass hd quality really poor

Hi folks, is it me or the hq quality on nba league pass is really poor. It is almost like it is steaming the content and is often pixelated and blurry. This costs $200 a season and the quality is horrible. I’m talking about channels in the 3000 range.



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5 m ago

If you are recording it, you will always get cloud versions of these channels 1300 +   (I recorded the free preview).  That makes me think those channels are transmitted differently from our usual HD channels that are lower numbered. First time I didn't buy the MLB package because of this. The cloud versions are unwatchable (jerky motion) if you try to go through parts of a long game on double speed or faster. 



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2 m ago

Agree completely !!!

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Hello, everyone. I appreciate your feedback, @GaryRouffa. I see you are having the same issues as the original poster from a few months back. I'm sorry to hear you may have the same problems now. Everyone's situation is different, so I wanted to ask for more details about what you see. Have you had any improvement since your post? Also, are you seeing this across all the boxes in the home? 

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