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Thu, Oct 29, 2020 12:00 AM

NASCAR Races on NBCSN - SF Bay Area

For the past few weekends, NBCSN comes in OK until it is time for the NASCAR race.  "Temporarily unavailable .   . . . .   Check back later"  It's working fine now, but each time the race was supposed to be on - scheduled on Sunday, rain delayed until Monday, then Tuesday, then ran on Wednesday - the channel is unavailable.  


I can use the Xfinity Stream app and cast it to the TV, but that's a hassle and my phone has to stay home so everyone can see the race, etc, not to mention the fact that we have been able to watch until the playoffs started but now we can't.   No one seems to know why.  If it's a matter of HD vs SD, for example, why can't they just say that?  But they own NBC, for Pete's sake.  Why can every other provider manage to televise the race but Comcast can't??


And don't get me started on the internet that drops off every few minutes, just for a few seconds - but long enough to get the video you're watching to stop......



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