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Sat, Sep 28, 2019 2:00 PM

More Sports and Entertainment Add on Package

Could you provide me a complete list of the channels that are included in the "More Sports and Entertainment" add-on package for 9.95 a month? Zip code is 48195. I have tried asking through chat and on the phone with customer service and I get different and incomplete answers.

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2 y ago

It's not on the Xfinity website either.  Comcast keeps taking channels people like out of the larger

tiers, putting them in this add-on package, and waiting for customers for figure it out when a channel

suddenly disappears.  Then they say, "Oh, you'll have to pay extra for that channel now."  Why keep

it a SECRET?


Keeping information from customers won't change the facts, except for maybe the number of

Comcast subscribers.

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